Anime characters are fashion.

hello everyone. :)
i'm ellie and i'm addicted to anime, manga and clothes. i've been thinking for a while about how i could combine these three things and then i've discovered polyvore. i make outfits basing on characters i like and i thought it would be good to post them on tumblr.
so guys, enjoy my works! and if you have some advices or a character to request, please send me a message. :3



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yoh’s outfit by eikochinrequested by anonymous
yoh’s outfit by eikochin

requested by anonymous

"Taiga from toradora? :3"

sure, wait a bit :) (btw i’ve already made it one some times ago, here)

currynin asked:
"Can you do elizabeth from gintama please? She..He.. It looks like my icon!"

omg hahahahahaha xD okay i’ll try something xDD

Anonymous asked:
"Could you post some Shaman King please? :D"

sure :)

i’m so so sorry for not being active these days but i had some problems (nothing serious anyway). i just came here to say that in two days i’ll go on vacation so i will not be able to make requests, sorry >< i’m planning to re-open the ask box when i’m back.

i love you followers, thank you so much for your support.

ok guys i’m off for today

i’m sorry for the requests i still have to do, i swear i will make them tonight or tomorrow ^_^

for now i’m going to disable the ask box sorry >//<

see you soon sweet followers! :)

roy&#8217;s outfit by eikochinrequested by anonymous
roy’s outfit by eikochin

requested by anonymous

thank you all for your support :’)

and welcome new followers! <3

"Chihiro from Spirited Away?"

here! :3

winry&#8217;s outfit by eikochinrequested by anonymous
winry’s outfit by eikochin

requested by anonymous

yuki&#8217;s outfit by eikochin requested by anonymous
yuki’s outfit by eikochin 

requested by anonymous

kyo&#8217;s outfit by eikochinrequested by anonymous
kyo’s outfit by eikochin

requested by anonymous